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Current  Weather - Edmonton & Area

Today’s Date: (Friday November 15 2019)   


Today’s Weather: (Temperature: 3°C Cloudy with Showers Feels like: 3 Wind: West km/h Wind Gust: 14 km/h Relative Humidity: 87% Dew point: 0°C Pressure: 100.5 kPa)           

Tonight: (Partly Cloudy -1°C Wind Chill: -6)                                                          

4-Day Weather forecast                                                                                                       

(Saturday Cloudy Periods High 4°C Low 1°C)                                                                    
(Sunday Partly Cloudy High 3°C Low 2°C)                                                 
(Monday Sunny High 4°C Low -5°C)                                                                                                           
(Tuesday Mostly Cloudy High 4°C Low -3°C)                     

Yesterday’s high: (0.6°C) Yesterday’s low:  (-3.1°C)    

The warmest temperature was in (1979) at (18) degrees.      

The coldest temperature was in (1931) at (-27) degrees.        

Sunrise: 8:01 AM                                  

Sunset: 4:39 PM    

Current Weather for Edmonton Alberta & Area by Daniel Desjardins, Chief Student Meteorologist.