Daniel Desjardins                                             Elise Elgert               

        Chief Student Meteorologist            Videographer/Severe Weather Specialist

     Josh Classen

Chief Meteorologist

Chief Meteorologist Josh Classen, and Chief Student Meteorologist Daniel Desjardins working together to deliver Edmonton CTV's Weather Blast for July.25th 2019!

The Severe Weather Centre team has prepared weather reports for the communities of St. Paul, Alberta since 2010 and Edmonton Alberta since 2019.  

Daniel Desjardins as your chief student meteorologist is passionate about the severe weather and his community. He checks Environment Canada & The Weather Network data available on the Internet, reviews radar imagery maps and satellite maps for the Edmonton & St. Paul Alberta area every day. He also collects data from his own AcuRite weather station. Using this information he produces an accurate weather forecast for his communities. 

For current weather updates go to Desjardinsweatherman on Facebook and Youtube.  New videos are posted daily by Elise Elgert, current videographer. 

Daniel takes Broadcast Meteorology courses regularly to advance his knowledge about weather forecasting.